Wort Bag - 19 Litres

Wort Bag - 19 Litres

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These hot fill bladders are a great way to cut time out of your brew day using the "no chill" or "hot packing" method of cooling wort. When your boil is over, simply fill them up and wait for the wort to chill overnight or throw it in the fridge. This eliminates the traditional 30-60 minutes of chill time common in most brew days.  Use the wort immediately after it has cooled down, or store refrigerated for short periods of time.

When chilled and ready to go, most brewers transfer the wort out of the bag and into their favorite fermenter. However it is possible to ferment directly in the bag with the use of a #7 stopper and airlock.

Hot packing and the storage of wort at room temperature has been done in Australia as a common practice for decades.  Because of the temperature of wort entering the bag, any bacteria are killed. However there does exist a small chance of Botulism contamination for wort that is hot packed and stored.  Botulism spores can survive a boil and are only killed through high temperature pasteurization. We always recommend using the wort as quickly as possible once it has cooled.  

Hot fillable means they can be filled with any liquid up to 212°F. 

The triple layer construction makes these bags puncture resistant, chemical resistant, and gives the bag superior oxygen barrier properties. The layers are NY + PE + PE, with a black screw top for easy closure. 

19L capacity.