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Helping others create their very own craft beer.

We are a husband and wife team that has taken our passion for creating great homebrewed craft beer with local ingredients and with ingredients from around the world. We have started a new adventure in Barrie, Ontario to bring those ingredients and equipment to our local homebrewers and to homebrewers across Canada.  We hope you find what you are looking for on our new Hopback Homebrewing Supply shop!

Locally sourced ingredients and ingredients, supplies and equipment from around the world. We are focused on bringing great products and knowledge to our customers who are at all skill levels of brewing. 

We want to support your journey into homebrewing. If you can’t find products on our site, send us an email and we will do our best to source out your brewing needs.

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We look forward to hearing customer experience and feedback. Feel free to email us with any questions.


Kim and Troy

Hopback Homebrew Supplies

Barrie, Ontario, Canada