Whirlfloc Clarifying Tablets (5 Tabs)

Whirlfloc Clarifying Tablets (5 Tabs)

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Whirlfloc Tablets are a coagulant and fining agent that is a purified blend of high molecule weight carrageenan powder extracted from Irish Moss in tablet form for convenience. Whirlfloc Tablets help with the settling and coagulation of proteins and beta glucans which cause haze. It allows for a cleaner fermentation, and easier filtration. 

Recommended Usage: 1 tablet per 10 gallons is ideal. For a 5 gallon batch, simply break the tablet in half. Add in the last 5 minutes of your boil but no longer, as after longer than 10 minutes, the Whirlfloc will denature and lose it's desired effects.

General Info

  • Coagulant and Fining Agent
  • Tablet Form
  • Prevents Haze