US Experimental BRU-1™ Pellet Hops - 1oz

US Experimental BRU-1™ Pellet Hops - 1oz

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US Experimental BRU-1™ Pellet Hops -

If you want a beer that tastes like it came straight from a tropical paradise, BRU-1 is the obvious choice. Developed through open pollination at Brulotte Farms in Toppenish, Washingthon, this new hop varietal is absolutely bursting with the sweet, fruity aroma of pineapple. It works well on its own for single hop beers, providing plenty of alpha acids up front in the boil and contributing complex flavors of pineapple, pear, apple and fresh cut grass when used for whirlpool and dry hop additions. It also plays well with other hops to create a depth of fruit flavor and comes highly recommended for Pale Ales, IPAs, Hazys, IPLs, and wheat ales.

Hop Statistics
Alpha Acids: 13.0 – 15.0%


 BRU-1™  is a registered trademark owned by Yakima Chief Hops, LLC.