Plastic 23 litre Carboy (6 Gallon)

Plastic 23 litre Carboy (6 Gallon)

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Made of heavy P.E.T. plastic designed for beer/wine makers. Ideal forsecondary fermentations of both wine and beer. Also perfect for bulkaging wine. Completely taste and odor free and stain resistant. Noside-wall ribs to collect yeast or sediment. Easy to clean inside andout. Impermeable to oxygen.
Safe to reuse over and over, if properly sanitized before and after each use. Takes # 10 Rubber stopper.

Note: Do not recommend to lift the carboy from the side when is full. To lift it place one hand on the bottom and the other on the neck.
Do not clean carboy with water hotter than 53ºC (127ºF).

* Bung and Airlock NOT INCLUDED.