Lalvin EC-1118 Champagne Yeast 5g

Lalvin EC-1118 Champagne Yeast 5g

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Lalvin EC-1118 Champagne Yeast

LALVIN EC 1118 yeast is a specially selected dry active yeast strain of saccharomyces bayanus, which is used very reliably for the fermentation of white must and wine. In still wine, LALVIN EC 1118 yeast reinforces lemon flavors; in sparkling wine it tends to form green apple flavor or vegetative nuances. Particularly suitable grape varieties are Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and light Pinot Gris.

The EC-1118 strain is recommended for all types of wines, including sparkling, and late harvest wines and cider. It may also be used to restart stuck fermentations.