Fermzilla - 30 Litre All Rounder

Fermzilla - 30 Litre All Rounder

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FermZilla - 30L All Rounder (7.9 gal)

by KegLand

The most affordable pressurized fermenter on the market! While the All Rounder does not have a dump valve as the Fermzilla Conical does, it is pressure rated to the same 36.2 psi. That makes it the most affordable pressurized fermenter you can find!

Made of super smooth, crystal clear PET means it is light weight and impossible to smash like glass. Plus the extra wide 4.75 inch opening means it's easy to clean.

What's Included:

  • FermZilla 30L All Rounder Fermenter
  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Top Lid with PRV (35 psi)
  • 3-Piece Airlock
  • Adhesive Thermometer

IMPORTANT NOTE: This tank should not be used for hot liquid. Do not put liquids inside this tank over 50C. It will melt the tank.

Occasionally these units may come with some small indentations/dimples/dents from shipping, this is just a reality of shipping large blow-moulded thin-walled vessels. These fermenters are designed to endure minor deformations such as this. This was a necessary implementation into the design so that they can withstand some accidental suction from cold crashing and rough handling in transit without compromising their integrity and ability to endure high pressures. All small dents will push out and settle with use and positive pressure and are only an issue and are a warrant replacement in the rare event they start to show white stress patterns or have damaged the plastic.