Turbo Yeast - Whiskey Distiller’s Yeast

Turbo Yeast - Whiskey Distiller’s Yeast

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High Alcohol Whiskey Distiller’s Yeast
  • Size: 50 mL (1.69 fl. oz.)
  • Pack Includes: Yeast, Carbon, Clearing Agents, Instructions
  • Makes 25 L of Liqueur
  • Ingredients: Active dried alcohol yeast, nutrient complex
  • Makes: 14% ABV
  • Time to Make: 5 to 7 days
  • Packed in Europe

Create your own Whiskey In just 7 days produce up to 25 litres of your own high quality 14% Whiskey alcohol base with ABC Craft Series.

A specialist active dried whiskey  distiller’s yeast blended with a complete, chemically defined urea-based nutrient complex, containing all macro and micro-nutritional requirements for the yeast, including nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium, essential vitamins and trace minerals. This product also contains amyloglucosidase enzyme (also known as glucoamylase) for the conversion of dextrin sugars into fermentable sugars during the fermentation process.